Mono: linq to xml: how to select the value from elements

Today I manage to make linq queries in mono and want to share my experiences with you…

To use linq in mono, you need two basic libraries which are:

System.Core and System.Xml.Linq

My first usage is as follows:

 * Created by SharpDevelop.
 * User: cakirh
 * Date: 25.01.2010
 * Time: 15:45
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using System;
using System.Linq;
using System.Xml.Linq;

public class MainClass {
 public static void Main() {

 XElement xmlDoc = XElement.Parse(


<gpsdata lat='51.052887' lon='4.880805'>
 <cgps id='0' track ='1'/>

<gpsdata lat='51.055329' lon='4.900954'>
 <cgps id='1' track ='1'/>
 <cgps id='2' track ='2'/>
 <cgps id='3' track ='5'/>



 var titles = (from gpsdata in xmlDoc.Elements("gpsdata").Elements("cgps")
 where gpsdata.Attribute("id").Value == "3"
 select gpsdata.Attribute("track"));

 foreach (var title in titles){



The Output:





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